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Sunnyvale Java User Group

Sunnyvale Java User Group (or SunnyvaleJUG) is a tech community born in Sunnyvale, California with the purpose to provide a community to like minded professionals and fellow programmers who are interested and want to learn more about everything that runs over the Java, Cloud Native and EcoSystems.





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Call for Papers

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We are always looking for awesome speakers. Please submit your proposal using the link below. Note: There is no reason that you need to be a "master" on the topic, you just need to need to ready to share your knowledge with others.
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Thanks to all our awesome sponsors who provide the constant support to run this group. This community will not be alive without your support. Be it post-meetup happy hours or give always you are always there.

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We are on #SJUG channel inside the Sunnyvale JUG slack group.

Join us! It is free and is a good place for networking. There are other interesting channels from the other Sunnyvale tech communities.